Wednesday, 10 October 2012



Hai semua, I'm back !! IsyRaQRestHouse in the house !!!!
Alhamdulillah my minor operation success n recover very well n ready to blog again !!!!

Will post the picture of my minor operation.  Emmm u must be wondering what actually happen to me right ??? Well, it's started last year on 5 dec 11 when i'm collapse, then have been send to the hospital ... warded for 10 days, going tru all of check-up to identify what wrong.  And then the doctor said bla bla bla .... well operation is the only solution to remove it forever !!!

The story will be continue  ..... must back to work hehehe actually today is my third day after my "LONG HOLIDAY".  wish me luck n well fast !!! chowwwww !!

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