Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Warded 2


Sori le pasal citer kena masuk ward tu cam tergantung tak abis. start masuk wad on 23 Sept 12, my operation on 24 Sept 12. On 23rd Sept, they took my blood (sakit wooo - but to have a better life we must sacrifice a bit right!!!), blood pressure, heart beat, my weight and bla bla ... then the result came out - everything are in very2 excellent condition, "we will proceed the operation tomorrow" - hearing that my stomach fill something missing, crushing, kecut perut laaaaa maaaa !!! Dear Allah make everything smooth and success !!!

That night I'm fasting start from (actually I'm not take anything from - already sleep laaa - so sleepy hehehe ngatuk plak ... before tu kata kecut parut HAHAHA).

Then the next day appear, at 11.30 am "The OT (Operation Theater) is calling for You, get ready, change your clothes". At 12 o'clock moving to OT. The doctor take over, injected the dos and then just a few second, I'm sleep, start dreaming - talking to my sister : very long chat with her and then ... i heard someone calling my name ... HAHAHA the doctor actually calling me to wake me up at  The doctor said my operation finish at, after that I'm being rest in rest area beside OT room for 2 hour before they woke me up. At 4.30 pm they move me back to ward. fully recover and can talk as usual. Alhamdulillah. i'm rest all night but still fasting (lapor sangat) .. so hungry laaaa.

On 25 Sept 12, still fasting till because the doctor only appear They check me up and told me that i can eat n another good news, can go home. they discharge me from ward that night at 9pm.... we waiting for discharge letter from 2 pm to, so long. when i take a look to another bed, actually 2/3 of the patient have been discharge that day, that why my discharge letter does not come out faster.

to be continue  ..... 

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