Tuesday, 5 May 2015

a daily green smoothie


Menarik juga website incrediblesmoothies ni, pemakanan sihat.  Sangat elok untuk diamalkan.

Sedikit petikan dari incrediblesmoothies :

The Best Weight Loss Smoothie Foods

All fruits and vegetables are going to be great for weight loss, but there are a few that stand out in the crowd. Foods that are low in calories and high in fiber are going to kickstart weight loss.

Some of the best ingredients to add to your weight loss smoothies are grapefruit, pumpkin, kale, apples (with skin), blueberries, pomegranates, chia seeds, raspberries, pears (with skin), strawberries, bananas, oranges, broccoli, celery, cucumber, carrots and all leafy greens.
Weight Loss Smoothie Ratio

A good ratio of fruits to greens that I recommend for weight loss smoothies is this: 2 cups of fruit to 3 or 4 cups (packed) of greens and 1 cup of water or homemade nut milk. Add additional veggies if desired.

Here are some of my favorite weight loss green smoothie recipes:

Cocoa-Berry Chia Smoothie
Coconut-Lime Green Smoothie
Sweet-Potato Orange Green Smoothie
Strawberry Basil Green Smoothie

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