Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Opsss Corrupts


CORRUPTS !!! My PC Corruptsss ... it's make me stressssss all day.   The only solution is format the c drive and re-install windows !!!!  What should i said or response to that solution??? "Do whatever you can do it to recover or save what so ever data that may be still in my PC  - are the best answer ... FUhhhhh ... then later on they said, MUST INSTALL WIN 7 with 64 bit ..... there are only SILENCE and may be my HEART beat sound so loud to my ear .... then the words come out : OK, it's OK, just do it.

After 2 hours, my PC was recover : with new look !!! Thanks Allah, my data still there, ONLY a data in C drive was gone .... forever !!!  All that ( should i call it a nightmare - but it's reality, it's happen to me in real life not in my dream !!! ) was happen yesterday 

Today ..... this morning re-install all the drivers (printer drivers and etc) and other supported software .... now at noon ...still re-installing !!!!

Right now my Oracle Installation ==> FAIL

What best thing should i do right now ===== Pick up my purse and then move out from the office to where ever ..... just to flash out all the stress that crapping in my head.  

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